Specialty Practices

Our Specialty Practices are based on the career experience of our principals and professionals, and are not limited by industry. Client organizations benefit from our rich network encompassing thousands of executives we have known and followed since 1994.

When client organizations are confronted with unusually difficult searches, even outside our Specialty Practices, they come to us for our time-tested process and senior-level management of candidate engagement, assessment, and completion. They know they can count on us for results.

For Corporations, Public and Private:

  • Communications and Marketing
  • Finance and Investor Relations
  • Corporate Boards of Directors
  • Diversity and Inclusion

For Nonprofit Organizations and Higher Education:

  • Chief Executive Officers and Executive Directors
  • Chief Marketing & Communications Officers
  • Development Officers
  • Nonprofit Boards of Directors
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Reverse Board Searches for Women:

  • Exclusively for Women C-suite executives, we are engaged by the companies where they work to proactively place them on outside corporate boards of directors.