Search Process

Berkhemer Clayton employs a proprietary multi-step process to ensure the best possible candidates are identified, attracted and brought on board in an efficient and timely manner.

We approach every search with discipline and a sense of urgency, striving to complete each engagement within three months (60 business days) by adhering to the structure of our Advance 5*15*45 Search Arc. Throughout the search, we provide regular progress updates, helping our clients stay informed and keeping the search on track.


Within 5 business days we will complete:

  • Organization assessment, meeting with key stakeholders within the client organization to determine specific position performance goals, reporting relationships, company culture, management style, business objectives and challenges
  • Position narrative drafted for client approval
  • Research strategy outline, including original research combined with our proprietary database, and a list of target companies
  • Diversity outreach plan

Within 15 business days we will complete:

  • National and regional industry research
  • Identification of benchmark candidates
  • On Track Meeting with our client to explore any necessary re-calibration of the search strategy or position requirements
  • Outreach to prospects/sources in our proprietary database

Within 45 business days we will complete:

  • Outreach to prospects/sources from original research
  • Interviews with prospects by Berkhemer Clayton
  • Presentation of 2-5 qualified candidates to our client

60 Business Days:

By the end of the third month (60 business days) it is our goal to have client interviews completed and a finalist selection made. We complete thorough reference checks, assist in negotiation of offer terms, and provide relocation consultation as necessary.

Our average length of time from start of search to presentation of finalist candidate is 41 business days.

Principal Involvement

Throughout the engagement, a principal of Berkhemer Clayton manages the search and participates in every stage. This ensures that our client organizations benefit from our leaders’ years of experience and that the search proceeds efficiently.

Post-Search Follow-Up

At 30, 90 and 180 days post-hire, we consult with both client and placed executive to make sure the transition is proceeding smoothly.

Our Professional Promise to Our Clients

  • Should a placed executive not perform as expected within 12 months, we will conduct a replacement search.
  • We never recruit a placed executive away from our client organization.

Berkhemer Clayton Performance Review

We are committed to total client satisfaction and to continuous improvement.  After each search is completed, a principal (other than the one who led the engagement) will call to learn how we did and what we could do in the future to make our service even better.